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Been Away

I know I said the main site was going to be back….but been a while.

New layout and Katniss and Peeta graphics, gifs, and more coming soon :-)!


Running all the time, running to the future.
With you right by my side.

Running all the time, running to the future.

With you right by my side.


I will be revamping with good help! I will make some lovely graphics of our favorite Hunger Game Shipper, Peeniss of course! These graphics you can use for your tumblr, your facebook, your own fan site, anything :-).

Spreading the Katniss & Peeta love.

Just got Back From Hunger Games and …

SO I just got back from seeing the midnight showing of the Hunger Games and I would say I enjoyed it and it was faithful to the book as it could be while trying to pack everything from the book.

I would like to write a long review of the film but I shall wait maybe a week or two to give people a chance to watch it for themselves without any spoilers.

It is a bit rough to rate a movie on it’s on merit when you have read the books countless times and place the series on such a high pedestal.

My expectations I believe may have been a bit too high that I might have taken a way from the movie as a stand alone.

Without spoiling anything I will say you should of course watch the film, a worth while film for all Hunger Game fans and non Hunger Game fans. My boyfriend thought it was okay and he has never read the series.

I personally liked the movie but do feel it could have been more epic and more character development which is hard to do though in a movie with so many characters and plot development.

See the movie for yourself when you get a chance and I shall post my full review soon.

For us KATNISS AND PEETA fans, the scenes of them together are wonderful <3